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Mind the Gap - Awakening with Stephanie Filardi

Jan 13, 2020

How are you being in your doing and what are you creating as a result?

In this episode Stephanie continues the commitment conversation from last week and takes you on a journey to help you create generative success in your life.

Why generative? Many reasons! It’s efficient, enjoyable, smart, powerful...long lasting and requires much less effort.

Most people focus on what they want to create first, then on what to do, and finally how it will make them feel / be.

In this episode Stephanie shares why this approach is backwards!!!

She shares why the magic happens when we focus on being - which informs doing - which creates massive results.

Stephanie also shares her 4 step formula (the 4D’s) to help you put this magic into practice.

The 4D’s are: disengage, discern, decide, do.

You won’t want to miss this one. She reminds us that this year is already amazing, because she says so! Got it? Get it!

Step outside your comfort zone ('cause that’s where the magic lives) - Grab a pen, paper and let’s go!