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Mind the Gap - Awakening with Stephanie Filardi

Dec 14, 2020

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie shares the gift of her frustration being sick for five days. ***Make sure you listen until the end as she has a very special first time coaching giveaway.***

Stephanie shares how for those of us who experience being controlling and action oriented (i.e. her!) — not feeling well is usually a miserable experience / waste of time etc.

In her frustration, she realized her “attachment” to being a very healthy person - attached both to the image of herself and the emotions generated by always feeling “good”, she was making a bad experience worse! (Caught in that negative spiral one could say...)

As always, Stephanie eventually used the opportunity to ask “what” is the lesson here? And there is one! A recurring one :)

She chose to focus on the question “WHAT is the lesson here” instead of “WHY is this happening to me”. When we overly focus on “why” we get caught in the analytical / judgment / victim experience which is counterproductive when we already feel like sh*t.

When we ask “what is the lesson”...we shift a negative experience into a positive one — which is the secret of life really.

The lesson? She is doing great, and so are YOU!
That was the message of “being sick”.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up, focus on what’s wrong / missing when instead we can be learning a valuable lesson! Or be reminded of one that keeps repeating, thank you very much.

As we close out the year, Stephanie encourages you to reflect on how great you are - not “ego” great - but more like, what are 3 things you are truly proud of this year?

You’re Doing Great! Let’s Go!