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Mind the Gap - Awakening with Stephanie Filardi

Feb 22, 2021

In this week's episode, Stephanie talks about a topic that all of us have encountered in one way or another - depression.

It's real and can affect anyone. 

In our culture there is still a lot of shame, secrecy, and even fear around depression. With suicide rates on the rise and continued uncertainty in our world it is vital we speak about this topic.

In real and honest terms, Stephanie shares ways we can bring more awareness to this topic and how it's a very normal thing to feel depressed at one point or another in our life. 

When depression hits, we may feel powerless, helpless...hopeless. We are scared, confused, embarrassed and feel alone.

By addressing how we are feeling, and then accepting it, we regain some power. With this power comes our ability to choose to reach out for help -- which gives us an opportunity to deal with it and move beyond feelings of helplessness.

By feeling and dealing, we activate the healing --> process as we move forward slowly. As we make progress, hope is slowly restored.

Let's work together to bring healing to our world. It starts with us.

Let's Go!