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Mind the Gap - Awakening with Stephanie Filardi

Sep 1, 2020

In this week's episode, Stephanie dives into Letting Go — step 8 and the last one in the process of manifestation.

What do you mean letting go!?

Inherent in your burning desires are the mechanics for their fulfillment. Meaning, if you can see it, it’s possible. This is all about allowing your faith to lead you. It’s about working the steps and then paying attention to what is being shown to you. It’s about being open to tweaking your plan, and having an outcome that’s even more amazing than you originally desired! Divine intelligence has far more opportunities in store for us than our limited mind can imagine. We must let go to be able to “listen”!

Stephanie also explains how letting go does not mean to stop taking action. Action is the foundation of all manifestation. She discusses how each of the preceding steps (when followed!) puts us in a position to let go and receive the divine wisdom available for us.

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